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Carol Shanklin

Carol W. Shanklin

Dean of the Graduate School and Professor

Contact Information

103 Fairchild Hall

Professional Biography

Carol Shanklin joined the Department of Hospitality Management as a professor in 1990. She is currently serving as dean of the Graduate School and a professor in the Department of Human Nutrition. Throughout her career she has mentored numerous graduate students and has conducted operational research in child nutrition programs and other segments of the foodservice industry. Her research has focused on food safety and food defense, environmental issues and dietetics education. Dr. Shanklin has been recognized for her contributions to graduate education and research as recipient of the Medallion award from the American Dietetics Education, the University of Delaware Michael D. Olson Award and the Founder Award. She has published numerous journal articles and has served in numerous leadership positions in the American Dietetic Association. She is currently the chair of the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools.